Journeyout of Darkness,

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Session 1
Party each awakes separately, A Paladin (Human), Ranger(Elf), and Rogue(elf). They each awake alone, from a hazy slumber. They find there possessions have been taken from them. They all are clothed in basic rags(Shirt and breeches) and have a pair of worn leather boots. A small amount of rope is used as makeshift belt and laces for the breeches and boots. The party eventually meets up inside the maze.

They wake to find that they are in a cubical room about 20′×20′×20′, made of a strange unknown metallic substance. The walls seem to glow with an ambient light, providing a close to natural light in the room. each wall, floor and ceiling has a square door in the center, with a set of metal rungs embedded in the wall going from one door to the next. Once some one goes up to door it opens automatically(note This is a 3-dimensional maze travel in all directions is possible up, down, left, right, forward, and back). Trough the door there is another Identical room(*note*doors on the perimeter of the maze does not open). Party discovers that some of the rooms are set with sophisticated traps that are near impossible to disarm. Party also discovers that the “prison” they are currently in is a large underground cube maze, made up one numerous cubes, that are arranged into one larger cube of size 26(cubes)x26(cubes)x26(cubes).

After traversing the maze, they eventually find one that appears to be the entrance to the maze(the only 1 of 2 doors that open to the outside of the cube), that has a metallic bridge spanning from the cube maze to a massive metallic door that is firmly shut and locked from the other side. Party goes back into cube and after traversing the traps again they find one other means of exit(The other door that opens to the outside, this one not by design though). The party stares down into the door. The paladin and the rogue get into a small argument and the Paladin ends up “falling” through the door. After a while lands into an under ground lake. The others jump out into the darkness and into the lake.

**Note: Paladin finds at the bottom of the lake a glowing holy cross. Rogue finds at the far end of the enclosed underground lake were in a small alcove were a corpse containing a mostly used up deck of magical cards. The Ranger finds on the ceremonial altar several Red and white mushrooms that have a soft light bluish glow.

Session 2
Party eventually finds a stone outcropping that looks to be used as a ceremonial altar. They find out that they have fallen into a Goblin cave with next to nothing.
*note: weapons in goblin cave are rusty daggers, that have a 50% chance to break.

Party makes way through the cave with caution avoiding majority of all battle opportunities. They take what supplies they can find, rusty daggers, soiled linens and cloths to replace there torn rags that were falling off of them, ripped off. Some rat meat, etc…

Once the party reaches the caves entrance they encounter one last fight, take a goblin hostage. The rogue and ranger interrogate him and torture him( when the paladin is not around).

They make there way to Firerymn Reach, a Fortress on the edge of the Borderlands(See D&D 2nd edition module, Keep on the Boarderlands, for basics)

Session 3
Party arrives at Firerymn Reach(keep on the boarderlands), turns goblin captive over to authorities (Which goblin is immediately taken into custody, taken to the battlements, strapped to a business end of a balista and shot off into the distance). The party rests and is offered a proposition by the captain of the guards which they take him up on. Task: They will be provided with basic arms if they aid in the cleansing of a system of caves that is infested with various types of creatures that seem to be gathering and forming an army, which have been raiding local merchant caravans as well as trying to assault the keep itself.
**Event: The party meets up with a Half-elf Sorcerer in the keep,
Also: A dwarven cleric and two of his priests in training accompany the party.

Party travels to the cave system. On the way, they pass by an area were several trees have been split in two and blood is splattered over the place. They eventually find a bloody balista bolt with rope around it, all bloody and goblin limbs scattered about the area.

Continuing on party gets to caves and begins clearing them out. finding numerous amounts of arms and armaments, confirming that they are indeed forming an army.

Session 4
Party continues exploring the southern half of cave system. Party comes across a door in one of the caves home to goblins that leads into a Hobgoblin lair.

Party retreats to nearest guard room to hold off attack. Positions crates and barrels as fortifications, priest casts globe of darkness in hallway as a small army of hobgoblins rushes the party. Crates and boxes are set on fire by rogue. 75% of Hobgoblin forces run into burning boxes(unable to see due to globe of darkness) and catch on fire and burn to death. back tracks and goes down another path.

Party gets flanked goblin forces further in cave and a Troll blocks the entrance of the cave and attacks party.
IMPORTANT: The cleric and priests betray the party and attack them from behind. After a grueling battle the party comes out just barely by the skin of there teeth.

Session 5
Party eventually by traveling through the southern part of the cave system decided to climb up to the highest level and enter the cave up there.

The party enters into a Knoll cave, were upon after dispatching the guards stumbles upon the knoll bed chamber. Hearing the noise of numerous knolls in with in, they decide to take some barrels of Flammable ale and roll into room and light on fire with flaming arrows, and blocks the entrance with another flaming barrel to prevent escape. After the barrels burst into flames the sounds of screaming knolls(male, female, and child alike) echo thought the cave.

The party then continues on eventually finding a pair of magic boots and a secret passage in the knoll cheif’s chambers that leads to another system of caves.

The party comes across a Grave yard, upon approaching the central sarcophagus a ghost of a priest emerges. The party after exhausting their last remaining magic spells, the party stood there unable to affect the ghost. Soon after the ghost fell to the rogue as he kicked the ghost with the magical boots on.

Party rests to recover in a small secured room.

Session 6

Extra event added to Module
Party enters into a large room with a loose dirt floor, and a stone walk way going across the floor from one door to the other on the opposite side of the room. About half way across the room the path “T” junctions with the split off going off to the parties right and ending at a large square hole. Suspended over the hole(By a large chain going into the ceiling) was an extremely large Bell, with a person chained to its face.

As party reaches the middle of the room. The two entrances become blocked by walls of fire. The guy on the bell begins an evil laugh, as he raises 5 zombies. The party fights the zombies. The rogue runs towards the Bell Leaps, and attacks the guy on the bell. As he does so the Bell Rings a dull menacing ring as 12 more zombies raise up from the loose dirt. As the party attacks the zombies the rogue continues to leap towards the Guy on the Bell, thus ringing it and raising more zombies. Continues on for 12 rounds, then the rogue gets his deck of magical cards and throws one to the ground and from it arises 3 clerics. After 6 more rounds the rogue has the clerics use shatter on on the chain in the ceiling. eventually the chain shatters and the Bell, along with the Guy fall down the hole, hitting the sides of the hole as it goes down creating more and more zombies, All along the Guy’s evil laughter is just audible under the tone of the bell. As the Bell falls the other party members, Rogue Sorcerer, start throwing the dead zombie bodies down the hole, and thus as they fall down they hit against the Bell.

Upon leaving the room and continuing through the cave system, the party comes across a prisoner, who upon them freeing her tries to turn them to stone(She was a Medusa). Soon after they come across a large hall that is has been noticeably carved into the rock. They see day light shinning through the entrance and start out back into the day light. Were upon they pause, standing at one of the highest parts of the cave system, they view the carnage that is currently taking place out side.

Event: The party watches as the whole area below them is littered with a seamlessly endless army of undead zombies as they are poring out of a cave below them and raiding the other numerous caves in the area, devouring all that they meat and following those that start fleeing the cave system. After a while the party watches as the mass of zombies heads off into the forest, Some of which are carrying the bell with the Guy on it (Still laughing) with them into the woods.

  • Also added extra ecounter
    Party returns into the caves while the zombies are feasting on the rest of the caverns inhabitants. They eventually come across a large door about 40’wide and 60’ tall. that is securely locked. But a path to the right serves as an alternate means for the party, as they enter into a large hall way, Lined with massive statues of strange long forgotten (by most) gods known as the (Great old ones). On the far end the Party sees a trio of wizards cloaked in black and a group of zombies, as they are engaged with another paladin.

*note: group finds staffs of Nercomancy

After battle the paladin asks for the party to help him rescue his fiance from being sacrificed in the next room to one of these blasphemous gods.

Encounter: (Altared this encounter quit a bit)
The party comes into a large underground cathedral were on the dias sits a massive Black book that emanated with evil, on the altar is chained a female, were they fight a group of priests, several Brayak(Winged demon things From Cthulhu mythos), and the King in Yellow (an avatar of Hastur).

**Note: One of the demons flees with the book. Paladin and rest of party end up facing off with Avatar, who eventually fades away, saying that he shall return.

**Note: The ranger loots the head priests body, and finds a neckalace, and has to take a will save and fails. He puts on the necklace, and it melds into his skin and were it was it now turned into an ornate tattoo, made in intricate ancient alien designs and symbols.

Party loots caves, piles as much arms and armaments as they can, tapestries, evil relics onto their cart and returns to keep. Sorcerer gets a staff that is made up of 3 metallic snakes that twist around each other and fans out near the heads as they arc back and around and face the other snake heads in the eyes.

Party faces a raiding party that followed them from their first goblin cave.

Party camps outside the Keep with the wagon, and takes a few evil relics into the keep to turn in, get reward and starts out towards a trading town to the south to find buyers for the rest.

Session 7
The journey south starts out quite and peaceful. Some hunting and trapping done, for some small game.
As the country side stretches out before the party they notice that there are some strangely large mounds in the fields around them. As they travel on there route is cut off as something moves in front of them upturning massive amounts of dirt and rock. As the party attempts to backtrack the creature doubles back and cuts off there retreat. Seeing that there route has been cut off the party prepares for an attack.
As the ground starts rumbling and up from the mound of earth erupts a large insectiod, and the battle ensues with the Ankeg.
Leaving the lifeless carapace behind the party sought shelter for the night in a solitary barn in the distance.
The next morning the party ventures forther. As mid day approaches the road being travels into a dark forest. Through the forest the party find themselves traveling on the edge of a swampy area. As darkness engulfs the region for the night several erie lights are evedent on the horizon. An overturned wagon is found with the shriveled up remains of the owners scattered about the area.

Party comes face to face with several Will o’ wisps that have been draining the lives out of the dead travelers over the last day or two. After a long battle the party comes out victorious, the last will o’ wisp being held captive by the sorcerors magic. The party also aquires a mysterious Lantern, made out of a shinny silverish/platinum colored casing enlined with gold. The latern appears to glow with out the use of any fuel source.

The party continues to travel to four winds through the swamps,the swamps turn back into carniferous forested area.

Session 8
The ranger has fallen into a deep sleep that has been unable to be revived by any means.

As the party continues there travels to Four winds the party is confronted by another obstical.. From some were in the forest the party hears the erie sounds echoing amung the trees and wind. “Ka-Kaw…Ka-Kaw..” the sounds grow ever louder as it aproaches the party.

The party encounters a dozen giant bats swarmimng the party and their wagon. Trying to keep the socorer from loosing concentration on the will o’ whisp. the rest of the party defends against the bats.

By the mid afternoon of the next day the party reaches the city of Four Winds, with the sorceror still able to hold concentration on the will o’ whisp, and the Ranger still under a strange deep sleep.
The party begins in the city by getting help for the ranger in the nearest church as the preists begin caring for the ranger the party goes out into the city. They then get lodgings at an inn across from the church for the next week.
The rogue scours the city for a buyer for the will o’ whisp, and finds a Mage of high degree and gets is able to negotiate a considerably nicely large sum for the creature as well as getting a copy of a beginners book for alchemy, as well as a well dopcumented journal of various monsters, and creatures in the area( in other words a beastiary) from the wizard.
The party then divies up the money for the party and explores the city and rests, at there leaisure as they figure out what next to do.

*The rougue: comissions a mid quality map drawn up of the continent they are on, and looks traverses the local weapons shops and also comissions some weapons to be made.
*The paladin: looks for his dieties temple and makes a sizable offering and in exchange they clean up his armor, bestow it with some magical abilities.
*The Sorceror: Traverses the various shops in town.
*The Ranger: While in the sleep state has a dream sequence flash back. Once awake taverses the towns.

  • Keth, The Ranger(Dream sequence): The ranger wakes up in a dark cavern with a stone door in front of him. As the door opens laying before him is a stairway that travels deep into the stone cavern, with a strange erie light at the end. After decending about 70 some steps the ranger stands at the foot of the stairs and gazing into a strange brightly lit room. the walls are decorated with numerous pictographs, hieroglphics scenes of various groups in what seem like a state of cerimoniously worship of fire. at the far end of the room is what looks to be a door made out of contiuously moving, burning flames. on either end of the door stands a robes figure. “Ahhh…. ‘Ranger name’ you have returned. still have not found what you are looking for we see. Go forward and find what you are looking for.” as they both motion to the door.
    The Ranger moves to the door and with great reluctance slips his hand into the flame and grabs ahold of a handle. as the flames of the door graciously move around his hand the door opens to reveal another set of stairs.

The stairways open up into a bright light. Keth wakes in a drenched in sweat. to the calls of a familar female voice. “Hurry up and get your ass out of bed and meet up with your brother.”
Keth gathers his equipment as he looks around dumbfounded as he stands in the familar surroundings of his childhood home, and room, that was destroyed so many years ago. As he decends to stairs he is comfronted by the hauntingly sweet and familar smell of his mothers cooking. Hurry up or he will leave with out you again. As Keth walks out the door into the streets of his home town, he stands there in awe, ‘this can not be, This place was burned to the ground in a large scale orc raid many years ago.’
Once he gets to the stables and meets up with his brother they make their way out in to the wilderness and deep into the Silver Pine forest. Where Keth learns from his brother the basics of wildernaess survival, traking, hunting, etc…. On there journey back they encounter an Orc raiding party.
Encounter with an orc scouting party, about 6 orcs strong.

“Orcs should not be this close, or even with in the bounderies of the silvery Pines forest, we must hurry this does not look good. We must warn the village young Keth. And so they are off at full speed to warn there home village.

Upon reaching the village the stench of burning wood, and flesh fill the air, blood curdling screams echo against the wind. Keth and his brother reach the outskirts of there home town, they pause as the horrific sceene unfoldes before them, hundreds of Orcs are raiding, pilaging, the village, killing every one in sight and burning all the buildings. The two brothers unsheath there weapons and charge forth in to the fray. As they battle forth there comrads and friends all are being slain all around them. Then Keth comes face to face with a tall lean femanine figure covered in a hooded white cloak. As him and his brother charge her a wicked smile crosses her face as her hand bursts into a ball of flame, the ball of flame rapidly increases in size as it draws closer to the two brothers. Upon seeing this Keth’s brother vers left knocing into keth to push him out the way. The ball of flame hits the ground at there feet throwing them several hundred yards in seperate directions across the city.

The Ranger Keth, As The blinding light of the giant fireball explodes, Keth wakes covered in a deep sweat a hazy vision of several claoked figures hovering over him. As the haze clears from his vision, he sees that thecloaked figures are preists attengin to him as he lays in bed.

*Encounter *
While traveling the city (during the dream sequence) the Paladin encounters a band of drunken orcs in the warehouse district. Battle with 6 orc warriors. The Paladin first out numbered gets joined by The Rogue and the sorceror.

The party hears rumors of preists being attacked in the city.
*Encounter *
While continuing to walk through the city the party comes upon a preist being assaulted by several cloaked figures. After Helping the preist, the party is asked by the preist to help him recover a priceless artifact that one of the mysterious figures was able to make off with.

After questioning around town, , resting, and getting more info from the churches around town The party is ending up running into dead ends. The Rogue hits the streets alone to find out what he can by any means neccicary. And finds a strange abbandonned house in the slums area. Brings party to the house and they explore, finding a hidden door in the basement that leads to a stairway winding several hundred feet under the city. they reach a cliff side at the end of the stairs, the Paladin looks over the edge of the cliff, and as his eyes adjust to the darkness he sees the siloutte of a large fortress deeper in the earth resting on the cavern floor. The Rogue move to the other side of the the cliff that against the rock wall, were they see a large black door embroidered with a white skull, and orbiting the skull is a series of blood red rubies in the shape of little red droplets forming a circle around the skull. Below the symbol is several 4" by 4" squares each with a different letter on it.
That spelled out the following Line one
L1: W H A T I S T H E
L2: C O V E R O F N I G H T
l3: M Y B R O T H E R
After examination it is found that the letteres are each on a seperate plate that is able to be depressesed. After trying to press one plate the plate goes in then the person touching it gets shocked with 1d3 electicity damage.
While messing with the door for a few minutes there is the sounds of foot stepps coming down the stairs, as two figures materialze at the foot of the stairs. weapons drawn. vaThe party draws there weapons and turns to face the new enemy, after a few moments they find out that it is Their companion Keth and the sorceror walking down the stairs.
After the party rejoins with Keth they work more of the door using a wooden staff to insulate against the electrical damage. they find that some once depressed were followed by a clicking sound and the plate remained depressed. After spelling out the word “Sanguine” Meaning Blood Red, The door slides open, reveiling a dimly lit cavern that winds further down.
As to party reaches the end of the tunnel the cavern opens up into a fairly large court yard butted up against the mortered walls of a fortress. One door is evedent. As the paladin stroles up to the door he triggers a pitfall infront of the door and falls into a pit were he comes into another battle.
Paladin fights a Giant rat that was eating a dead coarpse in the pit, while the rest of the party tries to get him out.

as the party enter the first room in the fortess, a large circular inner room of the fortresses watch tower. As the party hit the center of the room ther are ambushed from the side and front by 5 figures dressed in snuggley fit, let loose and light black clothing.
party ambushed by 5 assassinss.
After dispatching them ther party is faced with a chioce in paths, one leading in a more northern path, and another that leads more western.
As they move into the western path they are faced with a nother large door with a large white skull and ruby droplets orbeting the skull, just as before. But this one had the mouth open and a strange key holwe is evedent in it. the Rogue attempts to pick the lock.
As the Rogue attempts to pick the lock, the rest of the party is faced with defending against several waves of attackers.
between 2-8 assassins are coming through the door.

As the rogue works on the lock he is able to nuteralize several safe gaurds, 2 that shoot darts found to have been tipped with posion, 1 that shoots a fireball, and 1 that shoots a lightning blot at the invader. each time the rogue was able to make a reflex save to just barely miss a hit from the trap, only getting hit for half damage from the fire ball. After 10 waves of attakers the rogue hits the last safe gaurds. as he unlocks the door the mouth starts quickly closing around his hand that is working on the lock deep inside. as he barely makes his reflex save to pull out his hand he gets his hand free as the mouth closes around his lock picking tools and snapes them all inhalf, rendering them forever after useless.

Session 9
As the party continues they enter into another room they come to a coridor further north it ends in a wall and to the south a door on the west wall. The party finds a secret door to the north that leads in to a jail were they rescue a Druid from a cell.
Druid Joins party.

They continue to the south door on the west wall that opens into a large room filled with dust, on the north wall is 3 broken orbs each on a pedestal. On the southern wall there is a single orb still intact. As the rogue and sorcerre near the orb a sweet soft melody dances in the air, as the two start to be pulled closer to the orb in a trance, The ord gains control over the two and they start moving at full speed out of the dungeon. The paladin making his will save after noticing this shatters the orb. releasing it control.
The party con=mes into a new room next with a statue in the center. The statue is of a coiled dragon made of white and red swirling marble. as the the dragon statue speaks and asks a question of the party.
TAfter answering the Dragons riddle.
The party is shown a secert door to the west that starts to open. The party enter through the door and there is a smaller room with an ajoining room to the far west. the room to the west has an erie purpleish glow to it.
As the party goes in to the ajoining room, they see a castket ornately decorated with a facial fresco crafted into the lid of the sarcofigous. The sarcofigous is held locked by 8 highly intricat and difficult locks. in each of the corners is a toarch burning a erie purplish flame. and on eather side of the sarcofigous is to stone statues one of which is broken and crumbling to dust. the other completely intact. as the party starts starts to examine the coffin and test its lock the statue starts to move.
The party has come into combat with a Stone Golem, in addition to the Golems natural abiliaties the Priest that the party is acompaning states that the metalic gauntlet that is on it right hand is the artifact(Hand of Myrkul) that he has been looking for. After a long and seemeingly endless battle the party was finally able to persevere and claim the victory.

The preist takes the Hand of Myrkul and leaves. The party explores a little more and leaves the citidal and makes way for the surface and city.


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